Tyrone Power (IV) with Arabella Holzbog in 'Evil Lives'
Tyrone Power IV (1959 - )
a.k.a. Tyrone Power Jr., a.k.a. Tyrone Power
Grandson of
Tyrone Power Sr.
Son of
Tyrone Power
Half-brother of Romina Power and Taryn Power
Ex-Mr. DeLane Matthews
Mr. Carla Collins
Evil Lives (Soulmates) (1992) [Scott]: Stabbed in the back (off-screen), presumably by Dawn Wells' reanimated body. His body is then reanimated/possessed by Leslie S. Sachs' spirit; it isn't revealed that he's dead until Arabella Holzbog discovers the knife in his back and he begins speaking in Leslie's voice. His body dies once again when Arabella stabs him in the stomach. His spirit returns at the end of the movie when he possesses Griffin O'Neal's body after Arabella poisons Griffin.

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