Tom Cruise in 'Collateral'
Tom Cruise (1962 - )
Mimi Rogers
Nicole Kidman
Katie Holmes
Cousin of
William Mapother
Taps (1981) [David Shawn]: Shot to death, along with Timothy Hutton, by the National Guard after Tom opens fire on them. (Thanks to Robert)

Vanilla Sky (2001) [David Aames]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by taking a drug overdose; he discovers towards the end of the movie that he has been cryogenically frozen since his death, and that everything he's been experiencing for the second half of the movie has just been in his mind as he's being revived. (Thanks to Tommy)

Collateral (2004) [Vincent]: Shot in the chest by Jamie Foxx in a commuter train while Tom is trying to kill Jamie and Jada Pinkett Smith; he dies shortly afterwards after sitting down on the train and talking to Jamie. (Thanks to Tom and Neil)

Mission: Impossible III (M:I:III) (2006) [Ethan Hunt]: Is temporarily clinically dead when Michelle Monaghan electrocutes him to deactivate the explosive charge implanted in his brain; Michelle brings him back through CPR shortly afterwards. (Thanks to Matthew)

Valkyrie (2008) [Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg]: Executed by a firing squad. (Thanks to Alan, Kyle, Vaughn, Cathy, and Tommy)
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