Sean Harris in 'Outlaw'
Sean Harris (1966 - )
Creep (2004) [Craig]: Throat torn out when a train pulls the chain attached to a hook in Sean's throat, after Franka Potente hits him with the hook. (Sean was wearing heavy disfigured make-up for this role.) (Thanks to Tommy and ND)

Outlaw (2007) [Simon Hillier]: Hanged when Sean Bean strings him up, then shoots his kneecaps to make him fall. (Thanks to ND)

Harry Brown (2009) [Stretch]: Shot repeatedly by Michael Caine. (Thanks to Tommy and ND)

A Lonely Place to Die (2011) [Mr. Kidd]: Killed (off-screen) by Matthew Zajac, after first being beaten by Eamonn Walker and shot by Karel Roden. (Thanks to ND)

Prometheus (2012) [Fifield]: After being mutated by an alien infection, he is burned to death with flamethrowers by crew members when he tries to enter the ship. (Thanks to Tommy, ND, and Tim)

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