Richard Crenna (1926 - 2003)
Father of Richard Anthony Crenna
The Sand Pebbles (1966) [Captain Collins]: Killed in combat with Chinese revolutionaries. (Thanks to Michael and Stephen)

Wait Until Dark (1967) [Mike Talman]: Stabbed in the back by Alan Arkin while Richard is talking to Audrey Hepburn. (Thanks to Robert and Michael)

Marooned (Space Travelers) (1969) [Jim Pruett]: Commits suicide by rupturing his spacesuit and drifting off into space, so that Gene Hackman and James Franciscus will have enough oxygen to survive. (Thanks to Michael and Stephen)

Body Heat (1981) [Edmund Walker]: Beaten to death with a wooden plank by William Hurt. (Thanks to Michael)

Passions (1984) [Richard Kennerly]: Dies of a heart attack, with Joanne Woodward by his side. (Thanks to Michael)

Leviathan (1989) [Dr. Glen Thompson]: Dies (off-screen) when the creature takes over his body to incubate. (Thanks to Michael)
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Richard Crenna in 'Wait Until Dark'