Ray 'Crash' Corrigan (in gorilla suit) in 'Nabonga'
Ray 'Crash' Corrigan
Ray 'Crash' Corrigan (1902 - 1976)
a.k.a. Raymond Benard/Ray Corrigan/Crash Corrigan
Ex-Mr. Elaine DuPont
Nabonga (1944) [Samson the Gorilla]: Playing a gorilla, he is shot in the chest by Barton MacLane; he dies shortly after mauling Barton to death in turn.

It! The Terror from Beyond Space (1958) [It]: Suffocated when Kim Spaulding opens the airlock to let the air out of the room while Ray is trapped in a hole in the spaceship's floor. (Ray was wearing heavy alien make-up/costume for this role.) (Thanks to Dignan)

(Note: As a professional stunt performer (and frequent gorilla-suit performer), Ray has probably "died" in many more films, though these are the only ones I know specifically.)

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