A dead Randolph Scott and a live Randolph Scott in 'She' (1935)
Randolph Scott (1898 - 1987)
She (1935) [Leo Vincey/John Vincey]: Plays a dual role as both the hero "Leo Vincey" and his ancestor/look-alike "John Vincey," who was murdered (off-screen) by Helen Gahagan Douglas centuries ago; the dead Randolph's perfectly-preserved body is shown when Helen leads the living Randolph into his tomb.

Virginia City (1940) [Captain Vance Irby]: Shot in a shoot-out with Humphrey Bogart's gang of outlaws; he dies shortly afterwards while talking to Errol Flynn and Miriam Hopkins. (Thanks to Gordon)

Western Union (1941) [Vance Shaw]: Shot to death in a gunfight with Barton MacLane. (Thanks to DLS)

Bombardier (1943) [Captain Buck Oliver]: Killed in an air raid. (Thanks to DLS)

The Doolins of Oklahoma (1949) [Bill Doolin a.k.a. Bill Daley]: Shot to death by George Macready. (Thanks to Gordon)
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