Patrick McGoohan just before his death in 'Silver Streak'
Patrick McGoohan (1928 - 2009)
Father of Catherine McGoohan
Silver Streak (1976) [Roger Devereau]: Decapitated (off-camera) by another oncoming train after he's fallen halfway out of the train. The scene cuts away just before the train hits him.

Scanners (1981) [Dr. Paul Ruth]: Shot in the head (off-camera) by Lawrence Dane. The scene cuts away just before Lawrence fires; his body is not shown afterwards. (Thanks to Kenneth)

Braveheart (1995) [Longshanks, King Edward I]: Dies of a fever in his bedroom, while Mel Gibson is being executed in the courtyard outside. (Note: In actual history, Edward I died two years after William Wallace's execution.) (Thanks to Stephen and Patrick)

The Phantom (1996) [Phantom's Dad]: I know that he dies and passes the role of the Phantom on to his son (Billy Zane), but I can't recall the circumstances of his death.
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