Noel Clarke in 'Doctor Who: The Age of Steel'
Noel Clarke (1975 - )
Doctor Who: The Age of Steel (2006) [Mickey Smith/Ricky Smith]: Playing a dual role as two parallel-universe counterparts, "Ricky" is electrocuted by a blast from a Cyberman as he tries to climb over a fence. "Mickey" survives the episode. (Thanks to Tommy)

Heartless (2009) [A.J.]: Dismembered (off-screen) by John MacMillan; we learn of his death afterwards when Jim Sturgess sees a news report and recognizes Noel's severed arm by its tattoo. His severed head (supernaturally animated) is shown later on when Joseph Mawle shows it to Jim.

Centurion (2010) [Macros]: Eaten or mauled to death by wolves (off-screen), after JJ Feild cuts Noel's leg to prevent him from running.
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