Nick Cassavetes in 'Quiet Cool'
Nick Cassavetes (1959 - )
Son of
John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands
Mr. Heather Wahlquist
Quiet Cool (1986) [Valence]: Impaled through the chest with a grappling hook after Adam Coleman Howard throws it at Nick, then uses the rope to swing Nick into a wall and drive the hook further in.

The Wraith (1986) [Packard Walsh]: Killed in a car crash while racing against Charlie Sheen.

Face/Off (1997) [Dietrich Hassler]: Shot in the neck by John Travolta in Nick's home; he dies shortly afterwards while talking to Nicolas Cage. (Thanks to Gregg, Jason, and Juliet)

The Astronaut's Wife (1999) [Captain Alex Streck]: Dies of a stroke, after being possessed by an alien being.
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