John Wayne in 'The Fighting Seabees'
John Wayne (1907 - 1979)
Father of Patrick Wayne and Ethan Wayne
Noah's Ark (1928) [Uncredited Flood Extra]: Drowned in the great flood. (I haven't seen this movie, but the IMDB's identification of his role gives away his fate.)

The Deceiver (1931) [Reginald Thorpe's Corpse]: Stabbed to death (off-screen) by Sidney Bracey. (The part was actually played by Ian Keith during the "living" scenes; John only served as a stand-in when the body is discovered.) (Thanks to Brian)

Central Airport (1933) [Co-Pilot in Wreck]: Killed when his plane crashes into the ocean. (Thanks to Bob)

Reap the Wild Wind (1942) [Captain Jack Stuart]: Killed by a giant squid while deep-sea diving through an old shipwreck. (Thanks to Jo and DLS)

The Fighting Seabees (Donovan's Army) (1944) [Wedge Donovan]: Shot in the chest by a Japanese soldier while driving his jeep towards an oil refinery tank; the jeep collides with the tank and causes an explosion, so John manages to carry out his mission even in death.

Wake of the Red Witch (1948) [Captain Ralls]: Drowned after being trapped by falling debris while retrieving gold from a sunken ship. (Thanks to DLS)

Sands of Iwo Jima (1949) [Sgt. John M. Stryker]: Shot to death by a Japanese soldier while making his way up Mount Suribachi. (Thanks to Dan, Glen, and Tony)

The Sea Chase (1955) [Captain Karl Ehrlich]: Presumably drowned (off-screen), along with Lana Turner, after their lifeboat is lost at sea. (Thanks to Carl)

The Alamo (1960) [Colonel Davy Crockett]: Killed in an explosion when he sets off the charges, after being stabbed with a lance by a Mexican soldier. (Thanks to Glen and Carl)

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962) [Tom Doniphan]: Dies (off-screen) of natural causes. His coffin (but not his body) is shown when James Stewart arrives at the funeral home, and the rest of the movie is a flashback to many years earlier.

The Cowboys (1972) [Wil Andersen]: Shot in the shoulders, back, and stomach by Bruce Dern; he dies shortly after the teenage cowboys carry him back to their camp. (Thanks to Betty)

The Shootist (1976) [John Bernard Books]: Mortally wounded by the bartender during a shoot-out in a saloon; he dies shortly after the end of the shoot-out. (Thanks to Michael and Glen)
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