Yukio Mishima in 'Afraid to Die'
Yukio Mishima (1925 - 1970)
Leader of the failed 1970 coup attempt against the Japanese
Afraid to Die (Karakkaze yaro) (1960) [Takeo Asahina]: Shot in the back by Shigeru Koyama in a department store; he dies shortly afterwards, after staggering up the down escalator and finally collapsing.

The Rite of Love and Death (Yukoko; Patriotism) (1966) [Shinji Takeyama]: Commits suicide by hara-kiri. (The prints of this film were rumored to have been destroyed after Mishima's real-life death, but the negatives were rediscovered in 2005.)

Black Lizard (Kurotokage) (1968) [Human Statue]: Stabbed in the stomach in a fight with another man. His perfectly-preserved body is shown as a "statue" in Akihiro Miwa's hideout, and his death is shown in a brief flashback.
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