Yaphet Kotto in 'Truck Turner'
Yaphet Kotto (1937 - )
5 Card Stud (1968) [Little George]: Shot to death by Robert Mitchum, after Robert unsuccessfully attempts to strangle him. His body is shown again later on when Dean Martin discovers him. (Thanks to John)

Live and Let Die (1973) [Kananga a.k.a. Mr. Big]: Explodes after Roger Moore forces a compressed-gas capsule down his throat, inflating him like a balloon.

Truck Turner (Black Bullet) (1974) [Harvard Blue]: Shot in the back by Isaac Hayes while Yaphet is trying to make his getaway from the hospital; he manages to stagger down the sidewalk and get into his car before dying.

Drum (1976) [Blaise]: Shot in the chest by John Colicos while Yaphet is talking to Ken Norton outside the plantation. (Thanks to Robert and Bill)

Blue Collar (1978) [Smokey James]: Suffocated by paint fumes after being locked in the car-painting room in the factory. (Thanks to Robert)

Alien (1979) [Parker]: Killed by the alien while in one of the ship's corridors with Veronica Cartwright. (Thanks to Robert)

Othello (1980) [Othello]: Commits suicide by stabbing himself. (I haven't seen this version, but I'm familiar with the story.)

The Running Man (1987) [William Laughlin]: Slashed to death with a buzzsaw by Gus Rethwisch. (Thanks to Robert)

Homicide: The Movie (2000) [Al 'Gee' Giardello]: Dies in the hospital (off-screen) after having been shot by Eamonn Walker at a political rally much earlier in the movie; we learn of his death when Max Perlich comes in and informs the others. The movie ends with an epilogue scene of Yaphet in the afterlife with Jon Polito and Daniel Baldwin. (Thanks to Robert)
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