Woody Strode in 'Spartacus'
Woody Strode (1914 - 1994)
Former professional football player with the Cleveland Rams
Spartacus (1960) [Draba]: Stabbed in the back when a centurion throws a spear at him as he attempts to attack Laurence Olivier, then finished off when Laurence stabs him in the back as well. (Thanks to Brian)

Tarzan's Three Challenges (1963) [Khan/Dying Leader]: Playing a dual role, "Khan" falls into a vat of boiling oil after Jock Mahoney cuts the rope net suspended over the vat. (I don't know whether "Dying Leader" died of his illness during the film, or whether he's still alive at the end of the movie.) (Thanks to Stephen)

7 Women (1966) [Lean Warrior]: Neck snapped at the end of a fight with Mike Mazurki.

Once Upon a Time in the West (C'era una volta il West) (1968) [Stony]: Shot to death (along with Jack Elam and Al Mulock) in a shoot-out with Charles Bronson at the train station. (Thanks to Brian)

Keoma (Desperado; Django Rides Again; Django's Great Return; The Violent Breed) (1976) [George]: Shot repeatedly by members of Donald O'Brien's gang, as he's trying to strangle another of the gang members.

Kill Castro (Cuba Crossing; Sweet Dirty Tony) (1980) [Titi]: Bitten to death by sharks while Stuart Whitman tries to pull him up onto the raft.
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