Wings Hauser in 'Vice Squad'
Wings Hauser (1947 - )
Son of Dwight Hauser
Mr. Cali Lili Hauser
Father of Cole Hauser
Vice Squad (1982) [Ramrod]: Shot in the head by Gary Swanson.

Tough Guys Don't Dance (1987) [Captain Alvin Luther Regency]: Shot to death (off-camera) by Isabella Rossellini, after Wings is left paralyzed by a stroke; we only hear the gunshot from the other room. (Thanks to Kyle)

The Carpenter (1988) [Carpenter Ed]: Executed in the electric chair; he later returns from the dead and is finally destroyed when Lynne Adams destroys his home. (Thanks to ND)

Tales from the Hood (1995) [Strom]: Decapitated when the undead Tom Wright tears his head off. (Thanks to Kyle)

Life Among the Cannibals (Thrill Kill) (1996) [Vince]: Bludgeoned to death with a poker by Kieran Mulroney; his body is then dragged to a bathtub and dismembered with a power saw. (Thanks to Iron Duke)

Avenging Angel (2007) [Colonel Cusack]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with Kevin Sorbo. (Thanks to ND)

Rubber (2010) [Man in Wheelchair]: Explodes when the sentient tire (now reincarnated as a tricycle) uses its telekinetic powers on him. (Thanks to Tommy)
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