Will Smith in 'I Am Legend'
Will Smith's death in 'I Am Legend'
Will Smith (1968 - )
a.k.a. The Fresh Prince
Ex-Mr. Sheree Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith
Father of Trey, Jaden, and
Willow Smith
I Am Legend (2007) [Robert Neville]: Killed in an explosion when he sacrifices himself by detonating a grenade to destroy the Infected in his laboratory, so that Alice Braga and Charlie Tahan can escape. (The 2-disc DVD includes an alternate ending in which he survives.) (Thanks to Vaughn, Eric, Kyle, ND, Adam, and Bridgett)

Hancock (2008) [John Hancock]: Is temporarily clinically dead when Charlize Theron "dies," due to the link between their powers; he revives after moving away from Charlize and weakening the bond. (Thanks to Tommy)

Seven Pounds (2008) [Ben Thomas]: Commits suicide by allowing himself to be stung by a box jellyfish in his bathtub, in order to donate his organs to Rosario Dawson and Woody Harrelson. (Thanks to Michael, William, Mathew, Tommy, Santo, and Cathy)
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