William McNamara in 'Opera'
William McNamara (1965 - )
Opera (Terror at the Opera) (1987) [Stefano]: Stabbed underneath the chin, then stabbed repeatedly in the chest, by Urbano Barberini while the bound Cristina Marsillach looks on helplessly. (Thanks to ND)

Surviving the Game (1994) [Derek Wolfe Jr.]: Falls to his death when Ice-T throws rocks at him while he's crossing a log bridge. (Thanks to ND)

Copycat (1995) [Peter Foley]: Shot in the chest, then in the head, by Holly Hunter when William pulls a gun on her after attempting to stab Sigourney Weaver. (Thanks to ND)

Natural Enemy (1997) [Jeremy Harper]: Hits his head on a rock after Christian Tessier causes him to fall from a gangplank by throwing a bucket of nails into a fan (thus propelling the nails at William's face). (Thanks to ND)

Brimstone: Encore (1998) [Gilbert Jax]: Stabbed in the eyes with a trowel by Peter Horton. (Thanks to ND)
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