William Campbell in 'Track of the Vampire'
William Campbell dead in 'Track of the Vampire'
William Campbell (1923 - 2011)
Brother of R. Wright Campbell
Ex-Mr. Judith Campbell-Exner
Not to be confused with
Bill Campbell
Escape from Fort Bravo (1953) [Cabot Young]: Shot to death, along with William Demarest, by Mescalero warriors while William and William try to take down the Mescaleros' target-markers.

Backlash (1956) [Johnny Cool]: Shot to death by John McIntire just as William is about to shoot Richard Widmark. (Thanks to Gordon)

Track of the Vampire (Blood Bath) (1966) [Antonio Sordi]: Drowned/suffocated when his victims come back to life and submerge him in a vat of plaster.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Blood Oath (1994) [Koloth]: Stabbed with a bayonet while fighting Bill Bolender's men; he dies shortly afterwards while talking to John Colicos. (Thanks to Neil)
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