Warren Stevens (with Leslie Nielsen) in 'Forbidden Planet'
Warren Stevens (1919 - 2012)
Forbidden Planet (1956) [Lt. 'Doc' Ostrow]: Dies of a psychic overload after using an alien device to boost his intelligence; he dies after giving a warning to Leslie Nielsen.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Empty Tin (1958) [Alan Neil]: Shot to death (off-screen) by Olive Deering in his apartment; we learn of his death when Olive telephones Raymond Burr and "confesses" while imitating Mary Shipp's voice, in order to frame Mary.

The Twilight Zone: Dead Man's Shoes (1962) [Nathan Edward Bledsoe]: Shot to death by Ron Hagerthy in Richard Devon's office, as Warren tries to kill Richard. He dies shortly after swearing to come back for revenge. (Thanks to Kenneth)
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