Walter Janssen in 'Destiny'
Walter Janssen (1887 - 1976)
Destiny (Der mude Tod; Between Two Worlds; Beyond the Wall) (1921) [Young Man/Franke/Giovan Francesco/Liang]: Playing multiple roles in the different stories: (1) "Young Man" dies under unspecified circumstances; his body is shown afterwards lying on a slab when Death (Bernhard Goetzke) brings Lil Dagover to him. (2) "Franke" is stabbed to death by Eduard von Winterstein's servants; his body is then buried up to his neck by Bernhard. (3) "Giovan Francesco" is stabbed in the back by Lewis Brody, who had mistaken the masked Walter for Rudolf Klein-Rogge; he dies shortly afterwards as Lil kneels by his side. (4) "Liang" is shot in the chest with an arrow by Bernhard after Walter has been magically transformed into a tiger; he changes back to his human form as he dies.
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