Walter Brennan (1894 - 1974)
Kentucky (1938) [Peter Goodwin]: Dies of a heart attack after his horse wins the Kentucky Derby. (Thanks to Rick)

The Westerner (1940) [Judge Roy Bean]: Shot in the stomach during a shoot-out with Gary Cooper in a theatre; he dies after making his way backstage to meet Lilian Bond.

My Darling Clementine (1946) [Old Man Clanton]: Shot in the chest by Ward Bond at the OK Corral, just as Walter is about to shoot Henry Fonda.

The Far Country (1954) [Ben Tatum]: Shot in the back by John McIntire's men in an ambush.

How the West Was Won (1962) [Colonel Jeb Hawkins]: Hit on the head with a chair by James Stewart during a big fight. (Thanks to Brian)

Home for the Holidays (Deadly Desires) (1972) [Benjamin Morgan]: Dies (off-screen) of either natural causes/old age or being poisoned by Eleanor Parker. (Prior to his death, he insists that he's being poisoned, but I don't believe it's ever confirmed whether this was true or just a paranoid belief.) We only see Julie Harris informing his daughters of his death afterwards.
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Walter Brennan in 'The Far Country'