Ving Rhames (1959 - )
Miami Vice: The Maze (1985) [Georges]: Shot to death by drug dealers when he tries to stop them from raping his sister. (Thanks to Robert)

Miami Vice: Child's Play (1987) [Walker Monroe]: Falls to his death at the end of a fight with Don Johnson. (Thanks to Robert)

The People Under the Stairs (1991) [Leroy]: Shot to death by Everett McGill, before being disemboweled and mutilated. (Thanks to Michael)

Kiss of Death (1995) [Omar]: Shot in the head by Nicolas Cage while Ving is sitting in his car. (Thanks to Michael)

Con Air (1997) [Nathan 'Diamond Dog' Jones]: Killed in an explosion when Nicolas Cage sends his motorcycle crashing into the back of the firetruck that Ving is riding on.

Dangerous Ground (1997) [Muki]: Stabbed to death with a spear by Ice Cube. (Thanks to Michael)

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001; animated) [Sgt. Ryan Whitaker]: Spirit pulled out of his body by an alien phantom (on top of being impaled through the stomach in a crash). (Thanks to Mathew)

Dawn of the Dead (2004) [Kenneth]: Killed (off-screen) by the zombies. The movie ends with video-camera footage of the zombies closing in, interspersed with the closing credits, so his fate is only strongly implied rather than actually confirmed.

Back in the Day (2005) [J-Bone]: Shot twice in the chest by a police sniper while Ving is pointing his guns at Ja Rule and Stephen Kough. (Thanks to Andrew)

Idlewild (2006) ['Spats' Spencer]: Shot in the chest by Terrence Howard, who then arranges the scene to make it looks as though Ving and Faizon Love shot each other. (Thanks to ND)

Day of the Dead (2008) [Captain Rhodes]: Mauled to death by zombies; he later comes back to life as a zombie, and is shot in the head by Nick Cannon. (Thanks to Andrew)

The Tournament (2009) [Joshua Harlow]: Killed in an explosion, along with Liam Cunningham, after Ving forces the explosive tracking device down Liam's throat in Liam's "game room" headquarters.
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Ving Rhames in 'Kiss of Death' (1995)