Vince Edwards in 'The Killing'
Vince Edwards (1928 - 1996)
Ex-Mr. Kathy Kersh
The Killing (1956) [Val Cannon]: Shot in the chest in a shoot-out with Elisha Cook Jr. in the gang's hideout.

The Desperados (1969) [David Galt]: Falls to his death, along with his father (Jack Palance), when they struggle at the edge of a cliff. (Thanks to Zoran)

Tales from the Darkside: It All Comes out in the Wash (1985) [Henry Gropper]: Commits suicide by jumping from a building. (Thanks to Michael)

Return to Horror High (1987) [Richard Birnbaum]: Dissected alive by the masked killer. (Thanks to Michael)

Cellar Dweller (1988) [Norman Meshelski]: Mauled to death by a monster that comes to life from Debrah Farentino's drawing; he later comes back to life from another of Debrah's drawings, but is burned to death when Debrah sets fire to the drawing in an attempt to destroy the monster. (Thanks to Michael)
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