Victor Sjostrom (Seastrom) in 'The Phantom Carriage'
Victor Sjostrom (1879 - 1960)
a.k.a. Victor Seastrom
Ex-Mr. Lili Bech
Mr. Edith Erastoff
Father of Guje Lagerwall
The Phantom Carriage (Korkarlen; The Phantom Chariot; The Stroke of Midnight; Thy Soul Shall Bear Witness) (1921) [David Holm]: Accidentally stabbed during a drunken argument with Nils Elffors and Simon Lindstrand in a graveyard; his spirit rises from his body and accompanies Tore Svennberg's ghost on a journey looking back on Victor's life. He is brought back to life after repenting and being given a second chance.
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