Victor Adamson (Denver Dixon) before his off-screen death in 'Five Bloody Graves'
Victor Adamson (1890 - 1972)
a.k.a. Denver Dixon, a.k.a. Art Mix
(among other pseudonyms)
Mr. Dolores Booth
Father of
Al Adamson
Code of the Fearless (1939) [Wagon Driver/Guard Killed/Ranger/Lookout]: Playing multiple roles in bit parts, "Guard Killed" is killed by outlaws. (I haven't seen this, but the IMDB's identification of his role gives away his fate. His other characters may or may not survive the movie.)

Five Bloody Graves (1970) [Rawhide]: Killed (off-screen) in a shoot-out with Yaqui warriors; it's not shown or established what happens to him, but he is not present among the survivors after the battle is over.

(Note: Having played small parts and henchman roles in hundreds of low-budget Westerns, Victor has probably "died" in many other movies, but I don't know of any others specifically.)

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