Vernon Wells in 'Commando'
Vernon Wells (1945 - )
The Road Warrior (Mad Max 2) (1981) [Wez]: Killed when Mel Gibson deliberately crashes the tanker into Kjell Nilsson's truck while Vernon is hanging onto the hood of the tanker.

Commando (1985) [Bennett]: Impaled through the stomach when Arnold Schwarzenegger throws a segment of pipe at him while Vernon is standing in front of the boiler. (Thanks to Tal)

Innerspace (1987) [Mr. Igoe]: Dissolved/digested by Martin Short's stomach acids at the end of a fight with Dennis Quaid, while they're both miniaturized inside Martin's body. (Thanks to Drew)

Sexual Response (1992) [Philip]: Impaled through the back when he's knocked against a sculpture at the end of a struggle with Emile Levisetti.
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