Tyler Mane (1966 - )
a.k.a. Big Sky
Professional wrestler
X-Men (2000) [Sabretooth]: Possibly falls to his death from the Statue of Liberty after being blasted by James Marsden's optic blasts; it's unconfirmed whether or not this was fatal, but since he has not reappeared in any of the sequels, I'll list it just in case. (Thanks to Tritonius)

How to Make a Monster (2001) [Hardcore]: Decapitated by the artificial-intelligence motion-capture suit, which then uses parts of his body to build its "costume." (Thanks to Louis)

Troy (2004) [Ajax]: Stabbed in the chest with a broken spear by Eric Bana. (Thanks to Erik and Tommy)

Halloween II (2009) [Michael Myers]: Stabbed repeatedly in the chest and face by Scout Taylor-Compton. (As usual for the series, there's always the possibility that it will turn out that he survived.)
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Tyler Mane in 'How to Make a Monster' (2001)