T.P. McKenna in 'Thriller: Lady Killer'
T.P. McKenna (1929 - 2011)
a.k.a. Tomas P. MacCionaith
Father of Breffni McKenna and Kilian McKenna
Straw Dogs (1971) [Major John Scott]: Shot in the stomach when Peter Vaughan's shotgun goes off as T.P. tries to take it away from Peter. (See also Laz Alonso in the 2011 version.)

Thriller: Lady Killer (1973) [Jack Hardisty]: Killed by Robert Powell when T.P. attempts to blackmail him; Robert then throws T.P.'s body off of a cliff.

Doctor Who: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy (1989) [Captain Cook]: Falls to his death into a pit while trying to retrieve a medallion.

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