Tom Verica in 'Red Dragon'
Tom Verica (1964 - )
Mr. Kira Arne
(actress/television writer)
Die Hard 2 (1990) [Kahn]: Killed in an explosion when Bruce Willis ignites the trail of leaking fuel from the terrorists' plane, blowing up the plane. (Thanks to Dane)

Central Park West: You Belong to Me (1996) [Mark Merrill]: Shot to death when his own gun goes off during a struggle with Madchen Amick. (Thanks to Johan and Nemanja)

Red Dragon (2002) [Charles Leeds]: Shot to death (off-screen) by Ralph Fiennes in Tom's bedroom, during Ralph's massacre of the entire family; Ralph then puts shards of a broken mirror in Tom's eyes. His body is shown in Edward Norton's visualization of the crime scene.

The 4400: Mommy's Bosses (2005) [Dr. Max Hudson]: Commits suicide (off-screen). (Thanks to Nemanja)
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