Tom Skerritt in 'Big Bad Mama'
Tom Skerritt (1933 - )
Big Bad Mama (1974) [Fred Diller]: Shot repeatedly in a shoot-out with FBI agents, when he takes them on so that Angie Dickinson, Robbie Lee, and Susan Sennett can escape.

Alien (1979) [Dallas]: Killed (off-screen) by the alien; we only see the alien suddenly appear while he's tracking it through the corridors. His body is shown afterwards when Sigourney Weaver discovers him "cocooned" to a wall. (Thanks to Brian)

Knight Moves (Face to Face) (1992) [Captain Frank Sedman]: Throat slashed by Charles Bailey-Gates, while Diane Lane and Katharine Isabelle look on helplessly. (Thanks to ND)

Contact (1997) [David Drumlin]: Killed in an explosion (along with several of his staff members) when Jake Busey detonates the bomb Jake is wearing. (Thanks to ND)

Greenmail (2002) [Tom Bradshaw]: Killed in an explosion while unsuccessfully attempting to disarm one of D.B. Sweeney's bombs. (Thanks to ND)
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