Toby Stephens in 'Die Another Day'
Toby Stephens' death in 'Die Another Day'
Toby Stephens (1969 - )
Son of Robert Stephens and
Maggie Smith
Anna-Louise Plowman
Photographing Fairies (1997) [Charles Castle]: Executed by hanging; after the drop, he is shown reunited with his wife (Rachel Shelley) in the afterlife. (Thanks to Charm)

Onegin (1999) [Vladimir Lensky]: Shot in the head by Ralph Fiennes during a duel. (Thanks to Charm)

The Great Gatsby (2001) [Jay Gatsby]: Shot to death by William Camp.

Die Another Day (2002) [Gustav Graves]: Sucked into the engine of an airplane after Pierce Brosnan gives him an electrical shock, forcing him to let go of the airplane door.

Dark Corners (2006) [Dr. Woodleigh]: Stabbed to death (off-camera) by Christien Anhole after Christien finds Toby standing over Thora Birch's body; we only see Christien attacking after knocking Toby to the floor behind the bed. (The movie is open to interpretation, but it's been suggested that Thora's other role "Karen" is actually Toby's soul in Hell, reliving the terror he created from a victim's perspective.)

Severance (2006) [Harris]: Decapitated by a guerrilla while Toby is lying on the ground after a bus accident. (Thanks to Nancy)
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