Tim Roth in 'Rob Roy'
Tim Roth (1961 - )
The Hit (1984) [Myron]: Shot in the eye. (Thanks to Val)

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (1990) [Guildenstern]: Executed by hanging, along with Gary Oldman; we only see a shot of the ropes drawing taut after they drop.

Vincent & Theo (1990) [Vincent Van Gogh]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the head. (Thanks to Val)

Jumpin' at the Boneyard (1992) [Manny]: Shot in the back. (Thanks to Valerie)

Reservoir Dogs (1992) [Freddy Newandyke a.k.a. Mr. Orange]: Shot in the head (off-camera) by Harvey Keitel in the  warehouse; we hear the shot after the camera pulls in to a close-up of Harvey. (Thanks to Val and Stephen)

Murder in the Heartland (1993) [Charles Starkweather]: Executed in the electric chair. (Thanks to Valerie)

Rob Roy (1995) [Archibald Cunningham]: Slashed across the chest during a swordfight with Liam Neeson. (Thanks to Val and Stephen)

Hoodlum (1997) [Dutch Schultz]: Shot to death by a hitman in a restroom. (Thanks to Val)

The Legend of 1900 (La Leggenda del pioanista sull'oceano) (1998) [Danny Boodmann T.D. Lemon Nineteen Hundred a.k.a. 1900]: Killed in an explosion on the ship. (Thanks to Valerie)

The Million Dollar Hotel (2000) [Izzy Goldkiss]: Dropped off the side of a building. (Thanks to Valerie)

Invincible (2001) [Hersche Steinschneider a.k.a. Erik Jan Hanussen]: Shot repeatedly by Nazi soldiers. (Thanks to Valerie)

The Musketeer (2001) [Febre, the Man in Black]: Stabbed to death by Justin Chambers. (Thanks to Valerie and Leanne)

Killing Emmett Young (Emmett's Mark) (2002) [John Harrett a.k.a. Frank Dwyer]: Shot to death by Scott Wolf. (Thanks to Val)

To Kill a King (2003) [Oliver Cromwell]: Dies of liver and kidney disease. (Thanks to Valerie)

The Last Sign (2005) [Jeremy Macfarlane]: Killed in a car crash while driving drunk; he appears as a ghost afterwards. (Thanks to Valerie)

Funny Games (2007) [George]: Shot to death (off-camera) by Michael Pitt; we only see Michael pointing the gun, followed by a scene of Michael and Brady Corbet taking the bound Naomi Watts out onto the boat. (See also Ulrich Muhe in the 1997 version.) (Thanks to ND)

Youth Without Youth (2007) [Dominic]: Frozen to death. (Thanks to Nilescu)
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