Tim Robbins in 'Jacob's Ladder'
Tim Robbins (1958 - )
Son of Gil Robbins
(folk singer with The Highwaymen)
Jacob's Ladder (Dante's Inferno) (1990) [Jacob Singer]: Stabbed in the stomach with a bayonet by a Viet Cong soldier. Immediately after the stabbing, the movie cuts to 20 years later; however, at the end of the movie, we see him lying dead in a hospital tent, revealing that his entire post-Vietnam life was only the hallucination of his dying mind.

Mission to Mars (2000) [Woodrow 'Woody' Blake]: Commits suicide by taking off his helmet while drifting through the vacuum of space, in order to prevent Connie Nielsen from risking her life trying to save him.

The Truth About Charlie (2002) [Lewis Bartholomew]: Poisoned after Frederique Meininger brings him a tray of food in prison; we only hear him choking and collapsing as Frederique walks away smiling. (This scene occurs after the closing credits have begun.)

Mystic River (2003) [Dave Boyle]: Shot to death by Sean Penn after Tim falsely confesses to killing Sean's daughter (Emmy Rossum). (Thanks to Tatiana)

War of the Worlds (2005) [Harlan Ogilvy]: Killed (off-screen, exact method unclear) by Tom Cruise to prevent Tim from giving their location away to the aliens; we only hear the struggle over a close-up of Dakota Fanning blindfolded and singing to herself to spare her from witnessing the killing. (Thanks to Mathew and Stephen)
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