Thomas Gomez in 'The Woman on Pier 13'
Thomas Gomez (1905 - 1971)
Force of Evil (1948) [Leo Morse]: Killed (off-screen) by either Paul Fix or Roy Roberts; his body is shown afterwards when his brother (John Garfield) finds him under a bridge.

Key Largo (1948) [Richard 'Curly' Hoff]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with Humphrey Bogart. (Thanks to Mac)

The Woman on Pier 13 (I Married a Communist) (1949) [Vanning]: Stabbed in the chest with a baling hook when Robert Ryan throws it at him; he then falls backwards over a railing.

The Conqueror (Conqueror of the Desert) (1956) [Wang Khan]: Stabbed by John Hoyt in Thomas' bedroom; Thomas manages to identify his murderer to John Wayne before dying.
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