Texas Battle in 'Final Destination 3'
Texas Battle's death in 'Final Destination 3'
Texas Battle (1976 - )
Final Destination 3 (2006) [Lewis Romero]: Head crushed between the weights of an exercise machine in the gym, after a couple of scimitars fall from the wall and cut the machine's cables. (In Mary Elizabeth Winstead's premonition of the roller-coaster accident, he is smashed against the coaster framework after falling out of the coaster; her warning leads Texas and several others to be thrown off the ride. However, in the DVD's "Choose Their Fate" option, by choosing "Tails" at the coin-toss, we see an alternate outcome in which Texas remains on the ride and dies (off-screen) in the crash.) (Thanks to Mike, Domikate, Callum, John, Dan, Francisco, Liz, Lilly, Gordon, Alex, and Nathan)

Hydra (2009) [Ronnie Kaplan]: Shot in the stomach by Michael Shamus Wiles in the Hydra's lair. (Thanks to Stephen)
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