Takeshi Kitano (Beat Takeshi) in 'Battle Royale'
Takeshi Kitano (1947 - )
a.k.a. Beat Takeshi, a.k.a. Bito Takeshi
Violent Cop (Sono otoko, kyobo ni tsuki; Warning, This Man Is Wild) (1989) [Azuma]: Shot in the head. (Thanks to Morrissey)

Boiling Point (3-4x juugatsu; The 3rd and 4th of October) (1990) [Uehara]: Shot to death by two gangsters. (Thanks to Morrissey)

Sonatine (1993) [Aniki Murakawa]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the head. (Thanks to Morrissey)

Johnny Mnemonic (1995) [Takahashi]: Shot by Dennis Akayama; he manages to make the delivery to Keanu Reeves before dying. (Thanks to Patrick)

Fireworks (Hana-bi) (1997) [Yoshitaka Nishi]: Commits suicide by shooting himself, in a suicide pact with his wife (Kayoko Kishimoto). (Thanks to Morrissey)

Battle Royale (Batoro rowaiaru) (2000) [Kitano]: Machine-gunned by Tatsuya Fujiwara when Takeshi points a rifle (which turns out to be a water gun) at Aki Maeda. He dies after getting up off the floor, walking over to the couch, answering the phone and eating the last of his cookies.

Brother (2000) [Aniki Yamamoto]: Machine-gunned by gangsters. (Thanks to Morrissey)
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