Stubby Kaye in 'The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: Good-Bye, George'
Stubby Kaye (1918 - 1997)
Mr. Angela Bracewell
(British television hostess)
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: Good-Bye, George (1963) [George Cassidy]: Bludgeoned to death with an award statuette by Patricia Barry in her bedroom; Robert Culp then hides the body in a closet. His body is shown again later on when Robert takes him out of the closet and puts him in a trunk, and again later still when Robert and Patricia carry him into the house (only to be surprised by a group of reporters).

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) [Marvin Acme]: Bludgeoned/crushed to death (off-screen) when Christopher Lloyd drops a safe on Stubby's head; his body is shown afterwards as Bob Hoskins and Richard LeParmentier investigate the crime scene. (Thanks to Bryan and Tommy)
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