Steve Railsback (with Jo Ann Harris) in 'Deadly Games'
Steve Railsback (1948 - )
Ex-Mr. Jackie Giroux
From Here to Eternity (1979) [Private Robert E. Lee Prewitt]: Presumably shot to death by fellow US soldiers when he fails to identify himself. (I haven't seen this mini-series, but I have seen Montgomery Clift's death in the 1953 version.)

Deadly Games (The Eliminator; Who Fell Asleep) (1982) [Billy Owens]: Shot in the chest by Jo Ann Harris in the empty movie theater.

Lifeforce (1985) [Colonel Tom Carlsen]: Commits suicide/sacrifices himself by stabbing himself with a sword, also impaling Mathilda May in the process. (Nudity alert: Rear)

Forever (1992) [William Desmond Taylor]: Shot in the chest by an unidentified assailant; he appears in flashbacks and as a ghost.

Barb Wire (1996) [Colonel Pryzer]: Falls to his death when Pamela Anderson shoots the line to a crane from which Steve is hanging.

Disturbing Behavior (1998) [Officer Cox]: Possibly bludgeoned to death with a car battery by William Sadler while Steve is holding a gun on James Marsen and Katie Holmes. (It isn't clear whether or not the blow is fatal.)

Ed Gein (In the Light of the Moon) (2000) [Ed Gein]: Dies (off-screen) of heart failure while in an asylum; the movie ends while he is still alive, but a block of on-screen text informs us of his subsequent death.
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