Steven Soderbergh in 'Schizopolis'
Steven Soderbergh dead (with L. Christian Mixon) in 'Schizopolis'
Steven Soderbergh (1963 - )
Son of
Peter Soderbergh
Ex-Mr. Betsy Brantley
Mr. Jules Asner
Schizopolis (1996) [Fletcher Munson/Dr. Jeffrey Korchek]: Playing a dual role, "Korchek" is shot in the chest by L. Christian Mixon on Steven's front lawn. ("Munson" survives the film.)

Contagion (2011) [Jon Neal]: Dies (off-screen) of the MEV-1 virus. The character is played by Robert G. Beck when he is actually shown on-screen being loaded into the ambulance; Steven provided the character's voice in his telephone conversation with Gwyneth Paltrow. Due to this unusual dual-casting, I'll go ahead and list this for both Steven and Robert.
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