Stephen Dorff (with Eric Barry) in 'Cecil B. DeMented'
Stephen Dorff's death in 'Cecil B. DeMented'
Stephen Dorff (1973 - )
Son of Steve Dorff
Backbeat (1994) [Stuart Sutcliffe]: Dies of a cerebral hemorrhage in Sheryl Lee's home. (Thanks to Gary and Estivaliz)

Blade (1998) [Deacon Frost]: Explodes after Wesley Snipes injects him with numerous syringes full of anticoagulant. (Thanks to Amanda, Melissa, Beth, David and Gee)

Cecil B. DeMented (2000) [Cecil B. DeMented]: Burned to death when Eric Barry lights him on fire after dousing him with gasoline (on Stephen's own instructions), as the climax to Stephen's film. (Thanks to Gary)

FearDotCom (2002) [Detective Mike Reilly]: Shot by Stephen Rea; he dies shortly after rescuing Natascha McElhone. (Thanks to Gary)

Cold Creek Manor (2003) [Dale Massie]: Falls to his death through a window at the end of a struggle with Dennis Quaid. (Thanks to Gary, Stephen, and Gee)

Alone in the Dark (2005) [Commander Richard Burke]: Possibly killed in the explosion when they blow up the gateway to seal it. (Thanks to David)

Public Enemies (2009) [Homer Van Meter]: Machine-gunned in a shoot-out with Christian Bale and the other FBI agents. (Thanks to Arben and Tommy)

Immortals (2011) [Stavros]: Stabbed to death by several Titans during the final battle.

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