Seth Green in 'Idle Hands'
Seth Green (1974 - )
Brother of Kaela Green
Mr. Clare Grant
The Hotel New Hampshire (1984) ['Egg' Berry]: Killed in a plane crash, along with his mother (Lisa Banes), while travelling to join the rest of their family. (Thanks to Gilbert)

Idle Hands (1999) [Mick]: Stabbed in the head with a broken beer bottle by Devon Sawa's possessed hand. He later returns as a zombie (along with Elden Henson); they eventually "die" once again when they decide to go down the tunnel of light, and later reappear as Devon's guardian angels. (Thanks to Corey and Kate)

The Attic Expeditions (2001) [Douglas]: Stabbed in the stomach by Andras Jones. (Thanks to Michelle, Keith, and Scott)

Knockaround Guys (2001) [Johnny Marbles]: Shot to death by Dennis Hopper's thugs. (Thanks to Kate)

Robot Chicken (various episodes; 2005-present; animated) [Various Characters]: Providing multiple voices in every episode, many of his characters have died. (A comprehensive list would be almost impossible to compile.) (Thanks to Tommy)

My Name Is Earl: The Magic Hour (2008) [Buddy Zaks]: Dies (off-screen) of an unspecified illness; we learn of his death afterwards when Mindy Sterling informs Jason Lee. (Thanks to Tommy)
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