Sean Pertwee in 'Doomsday' (2008)
Sean Pertwee (1964 - )
Grandson of Roland Pertwee
Son of
Jon Pertwee
Brother of Dariel Pertwee
Event Horizon (1997) [Smith]: Killed in an explosion after Sam Neill leaves a bomb on the ship. (Thanks to Jim, Carlos, and ND)

Macbeth (1998) [Macbeth]: Stabbed to death in a swordfight with Lorcan Cranitch.

Soldier (1998) [Mace]: Fatally injured in an explosion; he dies some time afterwards while talking to Kurt Russell. (Thanks to ND)

Tale of the Mummy (1998) [Bradley Cortese]: Crushed to death by the mummy (Roger W. Morrissey) while he's cornered in the police interrogation room. (Thanks to ND)

Dog Soldiers (2002) [Sergeant Harry G. Wells]: Killed in an explosion when he ignites the gas stove to destroy the werewolves, as he begins transforming into a werewolf himself. (Thanks to Rob and ND)

Equilibrium (2002) [Father]: Dies (off-screen) many years before the story begins; he only appears as a holographic image, and his true nature is revealed late in the movie. (Thanks to ND)

Wilderness (2006) [Jed]: Mauled to death by a pack of dogs. (Thanks to ND)

Doomsday (2008) [Dr. Talbot]: Burned to death when Lee-Anne Liebenberg pours gasoline on him and sets him on fire, as the crowd cheers. His roasted body is then served to the crowd as a celebratory feast. (Thanks to ND)
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