Scott Whyte in 'Reeker'
Scott Whyte (1978 - )
Reeker (2005) [Trip]: Impaled with a power drill by David Hadinger (on top of having lost an arm earlier), while Devon Gummersall and Tina Illman stand by helplessly. (It later turns out that Scott was actually killed in a car accident, and that the rest stop is a realm between life and death.) (Thanks to ND)

Dark House (2009) [Moreton]: Stabbed in the stomach by the fingernails of a holographic ghost made "real" by Diane Salinger's spirit; his body is shown again later on when Shelly Cole discovers him, and again as the police investigate and photograph the crime scene. (It's theorized that all the murders were actually committed by Meghan Ory, and that everything we'd seen had been Meghan's hallucinations, but the final scene indicates that Diane's spirit is real after all.)
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