Sam Jaffe in 'The Scarlet Empress'
Sam Jaffe's death in 'The Scarlet Empress'
Sam Jaffe (1891 - 1984)
Mr. Bettye Ackerman
The Scarlet Empress (1934) [Grand Duke Peter]: Killed by Gavin Gordon in the palace; the scene is mostly blocked from view by a large crucifix.

Lost Horizon (1937) [High Lama]: Dies of old age while talking to Ronald Colman.

Gunga Din (1939) [Gunga Din]: Killed in a battle with the Thuggees, after sounding an alarm on his bugle to warn the British troops.

Night Gallery (1969) [Bleum]: Strangled by Richard Kiley after Sam confronts Richard about his past war crimes. (Thanks to Stephen)

The Dunwich Horror (1970) [Old Whateley]: Fatally injured when he falls down a flight of stairs while trying to take a book of magic from Dean Stockwell. His body is shown afterwards in the cemetery when Dean attempts to bury him and is stopped by the townspeople. (Thanks to Stephen)

Columbo: Forgotten Lady (1975) [Dr. Henry Willis]: Shot to death by Janet Leigh while he's asleep. (Thanks to Lorenzo)
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