Sam Easton in 'Final Destination 3'
Sam Easton (1979 - )
Final Destination 3 (2006) [Frankie Cheeks]: Hit in the head by the fan of an engine when a runaway truck hits Ryan Merriman's car and sends the engine flying forward into Sam's car. (He is also killed in the roller-coaster crash in Mary Elizabeth Winstead's premonition at the beginning of the movie, but that is prevented when he gets thrown off the ride. The DVD's "Choose Their Fate" feature also offers alternate outcomes; by choosing "Tails" at the coin-toss option, Sam does not get off the roller-coaster and is killed when it crashes. By choosing "Honk" at that option, Sam turns around and sees the truck, manages to get out in time, and survives the movie.) (Thanks to Mike, Domikate, Gordon, Callum, Dan, Francisco and Sean)

Decoys 2: Alien Seduction (2007) [Arnold Steiner]: Frozen to death by Lindsay Maxwell; his body is shown again afterwards as an alien baby bursts out of his body. (Thanks to Nicola)

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