Ryan Merriman in 'Final Destination 3'
Ryan Merriman's death in 'Final Destination 3'
Ryan Merriman (1983 - )
The Ring Two (2005) [Jake]: Killed by Daveigh Chase's ghost in his home; his body is shown again afterwards when Naomi Watts sneaks into the coroner's van. (Thanks to John)

Final Destination 3 (2006) [Kevin Fischer]: Scraped against the subway tunnel wall when he gets knocked through the window during the subway-train crash; this turns out to be Mary Elizabeth Winstead's premonition, but it starts to come true just before the movie ends. (In Mary Elizabeth's premonition of the roller-coaster crash at the beginning of the movie, he is sliced in half by part of the coaster's structure; this is prevented when Ryan and the others are thrown off the ride. The DVD's "Choose Their Fate" feature leads to an alternate outcome; by choosing "Tails" at the coin-toss, Ryan and his friends do not get on the ride at all, and survive the movie...which is now much shorter.) (Thanks to Mike, Domikate, Gordon, Callum, John and Nathan)
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