Rupert Everett in 'Dance with a Stranger'
Rupert Everett (1959 - )
Dance with a Stranger (1985) [David Blakeley]: Shot in the stomach and chest by Miranda Richardson in the street at night.

The Comfort of Strangers (1990) [Colin]: Throat slit by Christopher Walken and Helen Mirren, while Natasha Richardson looks on helplessly. (Thanks to Sheena)

Shakespeare in Love (1998) [Christopher 'Kit' Marlowe]: Stabbed in the eye (off-screen) during a bar brawl. We only hear other characters discussing his death afterwards; his body is not shown.

To Kill a King (2003) [King Charles I]: Executed by beheading, on Tim Roth's orders. (Thanks to Pam)

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (2005) [Fox]: Providing the voice of a CGI fox, he is turned to stone by Tilda Swinton, while Skandar Keynes looks on in horror. (Thanks to ND)

Shrek the Third (2007; animated) [Prince Charming]: Possibly crushed to death by a prop "tower" when the dragon knocks it over onto him on the stage. (I'm not certain whether this was supposed to be fatal, but I'm listing it just in case.) (Thanks to Eric)

Stardust (2007) [Secundus]: Pushed out of the tower window by Mark Strong; he appears as a ghost throughout the rest of the movie.
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