Roy Scheider in 'Marathon Man'
Roy Scheider (1932 - 2008)
The Curse of the Living Corpse (1964) [Philip Sinclair]: Drowned in quicksand when Hugh Franklin knocks him into it, while Roy is trying to throw Candace Hilligoss into the quicksand. (Thanks to Stephen)

Marathon Man (1976) [Henry David 'Doc' Levy]: Stabbed in the stomach by Laurence Olivier in the park; he dies some time later after making his way to his brother's (Dustin Hoffman's) apartment.

All That Jazz (1979) [Joseph 'Joe' Gideon]: Dies following heart surgery in the hospital; his death is presented in a symbolic musical number/dream sequence, and his body is shown being zipped up in a bodybag in the hospital morgue and the end of the number.

Jaws: The Revenge (1987) [Police Chief Martin Brody]: Roy did not appear in the movie, but it was established that his character from the first two Jaws movies died of a heart attack between films. (Thanks to Neil)

Cohen and Tate (1989) [Cohen]: Commits suicide by shooting himself after being cornered by the police. (Thanks to Michael)

Romeo Is Bleeding (1993) [Don Falcone]: Buried alive by Gary Oldman in the park, while Lena Olin forces Gary to do so at gunpoint.

The Rage (1997) [John Taggart]: Shot in the neck by Kristen Cloke as Roy is about to shoot Lorenzo Lamas. (Thanks to Michael)

Chain of Command (2000) [President Cahill]: Killed by Michael Biehn. (Thanks to Gary)

Time Lapse (2001) [Agent La Nova]: Killed in an explosion. (Thanks to Gary)

Third Watch: Judgment Day (2002) [Fyodor Chevchenko]: Shot to death by Skipp Sudduth, who then plants a gun on Roy's body to make it look like self-defense. (Thanks to Neil)

The Punisher (2004) [Frank Castle Sr.]: Shot to death by a team of hitmen led by Will Patton. (Thanks to Robert, Gary, and Michael)

Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Endgame (2007) [Mark Ford Brady]: Executed (off-screen), some time after the end of the episode; he is last shown waiting on death row. (Thanks to PortsGuy)

Dark Honeymoon (2008) [Sam]: Stabbed in the stomach by Lindy Booth in the motel room. (It's later revealed that everything we've seen has been a lie told by Nick Cornish, and that Nick is the actual killer.)
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