Rowan Atkinson in 'The Black Adder: The Black Seal'
Rowan Atkinson (1955 - )
The Black Adder: The Black Seal (1983) [Prince Edmund, the Black Adder]: Poisoned (on top of being tortured and mutilated) when he drinks the wine to see whether it's all right, after seeing the rest of the court drink a toast and die. (Played for comic effect.)

Blackadder II: Chains (1986) [Lord Edmund Blackadder]: Stabbed to death (off-camera), along with the rest of the cast, by Hugh Laurie. His body is shown lying with the others afterwards, with the killer standing over them disguised as Miranda Richardson (in fact, he's actually played by Miranda with Hugh's voice dubbed in). (Played for comic effect.)

Blackadder Goes Forth: Goodbyeee (1989) [Captain Edmund Blackadder]: Shot to death (off-camera), along with the rest of the cast, when they climb out of the trench and charge the German soldiers. The scene ends with a slow fade from them charging to a shot of the empty field. (Played for dramatic effect , for once.)

Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993) [Dexter Hayman]: Accidentally falls off of a cliff while trying to take a photograph. (Once again, played for comic effect.) (Thanks to Liz)
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