Rossano Brazzi in 'Heroes Die Hard'
Rossano Brazzi (1916 - 1994)
Brother of Oscar Brazzi
Mr. Lydia Brazzi
Tosca (The Story of Tosca) (1941) [Mario Cavaradossi]: Executed by a firing squad. (I haven't seen this, but I'm familiar with the storyline of the opera.)

Legend of the Lost (1957) [Paul Bonnard]: Shot to death by Sophia Loren after Rossano (non-fatally) stabs John Wayne.

Dark Purpose (L'Intrigo) (1964) [Count Paolo Barbarelli]: Drowned after he falls into a fountain, while Shirley Jones looks on helplessly.

Heroes Die Hard (Mister Kingstreet's War) (1973) [Captain Bernadelli]: Shot in the chest by Brian O'Shaughnessy as Rossano approaches John Saxon.
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