Ron Silver in 'Silent Rage'
Ron Silver (1946 - 2009)
Silent Rage (1982) [Dr. Tom Halman]: Killed (off-screen), exact method unclear, by Brian Libby in Ron's home. The scene cuts away during the struggle; Ron's body is shown afterwards lying on the floor when his wife (Stephanie Dunnam) discovers him, then again when his sister (Toni Kalem) finds him hanging on a door. (Thanks to Robert)

Blue Steel (1990) [Eugene Hunt]: Shot three times in the chest by Jamie Lee Curtis in the street, at the end of a long shoot-out. (Thanks to Robert)

Lifepod (1993) [Terman]: Sucked out into the vacuum of space through the airlock, after getting a metallic sealing compound injected into his mouth at the end of a struggle with Adam Storke.

Timecop (1994) [McComb]: Shot by his own time-traveling counterpart; the other Ron then disintegrates due to the time paradox. (Thanks to Michael)

The Arrival (Shockwave) (1996) [Phil Gordian/Mexican Guard]: Playing a dual role, "Phil Gordian" is frozen to death with liquid nitrogen by Charlie Sheen, then shattered. (Thanks to Michael)
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